COVID-19 Update To Clients [Mar 18, 2020]

In the interest of your health, and that of our staff, we have instituted protocols to help limit the spread of COVID19 in our community. We ask that you submit your taxes to us by email, at info [at] coxandcompany {dot} ca , or by phone, at 250 344 5277. If you do need to submit in person, please place all slips in one of the envelopes in the box outside our office door and ensure your contact information is included.

There is an attendant watching the box at all times and bringing the files in. Please knock on the door to ensure that they are aware that you are dropping files off, and they will bring your information inside immediately. We are asking that our staff members avoid contact with clients, in order to protect those at high risk.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this difficult time.

Kevin Cox, CPA
KM Cox & Company Inc.

kevincox [at] coxandcompany {dot} ca