About Us

Our firm has deep roots in this community, with all of our team members long term, and in many cases, lifelong residents.  Our clients are more than just clients to us, they are our friends and neighbours, and their success is as important to us as our own.

Our people go above and beyond to ensure that they continually provide the best possible service, and that it is presented in a meaningful and informative way.  We believe that the more our clients understand what we do, the better they are able to utilize our people to help them achieve their goals.

Our Team:

Kevin Cox, CPA, CGA, B Com |  kevincox [at] coxandcompany {dot} ca

Kevin is a Certified Professional Accountant, holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance, and has completed the Canadian Securities Course.  Kevin began his accounting career in Golden, in 1992, purchasing what is now Cox & Company in 1999.  Prior to entering the accounting industry, Kevin worked in commercial and investment banking, and for the past twenty years, has focussed his training on Canadian tax law.  Kevin has a large clientele, but always enjoys working with new businesses in the area.

Lindsey Cox, BA Coms, MBA |  lindseycox [at] coxandcompany {dot} ca

Lindsey works as a communications and business consultant at Cox & Company.  She has an extensive history in small business management, and provides consulting services to start-up businesses, and those looking to expand.

Frank Goldie, Accountant |  frankgoldie [at] coxandcompany {dot} ca

Frank began his accounting career in Golden with one of our predecessor firms on October 5th, 1970.  Since that time, he has developed a solid and loyal clientele.  His long history in the community provides him with a unique and valuable perspective on business in the area.  Frank still keeps his original green auditing pencil in his desk, and does not intend to retire until it is used up.

Marcie Taylor, Office Manager |  marcietaylor [at] coxandcompany {dot} ca

Marcie has spent the majority of her life in Golden, and has extensive connections to the valley.  She enjoys working with local businesses and oversees the bookkeeping department of our firm, as well as providing tax services to our many non-resident clients.  Marcie is very skilled in a number of business programs, and is always happy to help our clients with any problems they might encounter.

Chantell Baylis, Accounting Technician |  chantellbaylis [at] coxandcompany {dot} ca

As Kevin’s personal assistant, Chantell is skilled in all areas of year-end and corporate tax preparation.  She is also well-versed in QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, and Sage Accounting, and is a valuable resource for both staff members and clients.

Tiana Tress, CPA, BBA |  tianatress [at] coxandcompany {dot} ca

Tiana began her accounting career with our firm through a work experience program at the local high school.  She continued to work with us during summer holidays while attending university, and since graduating has become a valuable member of the firm.  Tiana recently received her designation and became a CPA member in June 2019.


If you file your taxes late, there is a 5% penalty on your balance owing, plus an additional 1% penalty per month.