Statement Of Ethics

It is the goal of Cox & Company to create an atmosphere in which all members of this firm shall commit only to the highest standards of conduct as befits not only this profession, but any relationship between persons, groups or organizations.

It is our belief that such standards should be self-regulating, and a statement of the moral integrity of each individual and of the firm as a whole. We will pledge at all times to conduct ourselves within the boundaries of law, but will not be limited by the minimum requirements of law. Rather, we shall strive to be, at all times, the very best we can be.

Respect for Life

We will strive to respect the dignity of each individual, and will be sensitive to their unique pressures, backgrounds and personal natures. We will encourage development and personal growth, and will consider the well-being of each individual as the fundamental value in all decisions. We will take no action that will in any way harm or demean another individual.


We will recognize each person’s contribution, and will be consistent and fair in all of our policies with each individual. We will use information given to us for the purpose for which it was given, and will maintain the strictest confidentiality of that information at all times. We will give our maximum effort to the work that we undertake, and will be conscientious in our performance.


We will obey all federal, provincial and local laws, and will clearly communicate those laws to involved parties. We will always tell the truth and behave with honesty and integrity to all individuals and agencies. We will offer advice only within the boundaries of our expertise, and will not presume to expertise in any areas other than those for which we are trained.


We will not discriminate, but will honour the rights of all individuals. We will be equitable and just in all dealings with individuals, groups and agencies. We will commit to the economic, artistic and social development of our community, and will actively participate in that development. We will not place the benefits of business ahead of the rights of individuals. We will always recognize our moral obligations and will strive to play our part in a just society.

Respect for the Environment

We will consider the effects of our actions on the natural world, and will act in every way possible to diminish those effects. We will not squander or use resources without careful consideration, and will make every effort to work towards sustaining our environment and its resources. We will enter into no contract or policy which will put unsustainable pressure on our environment.

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